Nondiscriminatory Employment Opportunities

When applying for job vacancies many people wonder if they will be subject to discrimination and therefore lose the job to someone else. The government is aware of this problem and although they do not have too much control over some companies, they are able to dictate which companies they award contracts too and those companies must comply with nondiscrimination practices in their hiring of employees. To ensure compliance they set up the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) who not only monitor those government contractor companies for discrimination in hiring but also ensure that the companies adequately advertise any job vacancies.

It is therefore fair to say that if you apply for employment by one of these companies, your acceptance or failure to get the job should not be based on any discrimination of any type, only on merit and experience. To make life easier for anyone who is unemployed and looking for a job, the OFCCP, as they monitor any vacancies with these companies anyway, publish a list of those vacancies on their website and to make it even easier for potential future employees, they post the vacancies on different lists for different areas, hopefully ensuring people can find work in the same area as where they live.

Of course, it is not enough to just know of any job opportunities as you will have to actually apply for any that may interest you and that means that you should have an updated resume ready from the moment you know you will become unemployed. It is a resume which a company will first look at and from those they will decide on which applicants they want to interview in order to learn more and decide on who they will hire. It is therefore essential that you present not only a resume which is up to date but one which also shows your full experience and level of education in an easy to read but factual and understandable manner.

Finding employment close to home is not always possible and so some people may have long commutes, find mid-week accommodation or even relocate their families in order to take up an appropriate, vacant position. Relocating though can be expensive, especially if you are currently receiving no income but at least you may be able to recoup those expenses as the IRS, under certain conditions and stipulations, may allow you to claim those expenses on your next tax return. Although this is not the case in all situations it is still worthwhile, financially, to check with the IRS and if you get a favorable response perhaps consider getting a loan to cover those expenses.

However much assistance the government may afford you, being unemployed and looking for work is always a stressful time but without that assistance, it could be far more stressful. These aids in finding appropriate employment have been put in place specifically to help the unemployed and so it seems wasteful not to take full advantage of them if needed.